BibCollect - an automatic generator of BibTex databases

BibCollect is a free utility for the automatic download of BibTex entries from various public databases. It searches for citations in Latex files and automatically assembles an appropriate BibTex file. Extending BibCollect to support new BibTex databases is straightforward.


  1. Create an auxiliary file with Latex: latex example.tex
  2. Use BibCollect to create the BibTex file: bibcollect example (BibCollect automatically calls BibTex to create the bibliography.)
  3. Rerun Latex twice: latex example.tex

The citations have the form \cite{<database>:<id>}.

Supported databases


Edit the Makefile according to your needs and run "make install".


To Do


Dennis Allerkamp <>
Niklas Peinecke
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